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Cadre avec des unités de base


Profile K02 with automatic fixation of rotation unit:

  • instantaneous turn of clamps by 180 degrees
  • minimum friction and a clear fixation during a turn
  • adjustment of smoothness and stiffness of fixation
  • monolithic milled area for electronic protractors
  • installation node in the form of a built-in frame

Structure allows for an instant turn of clamps for 180 g, and with the help of a group of bearings, in a system of flat springs, rigidly fix the clamps with a knife. High precision of the parts, in combination with the 5-th bearings, ensures an ideal glide during the turn, as well as the turning unit has an additional function for adjusting the smoothness of the stroke and fixing rigidity.

To change the clamps, the K02 is equipped with a unified installation unit for various types of clamps and accessories. nozzles, this node is made in the form of a frame.

A monolithic milled platform K02 is built-in by default for electronic goniometers. This element provides high comfort and convenience, as well as high accuracy of the measurements, when working on a device with electronic goniometers.