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Black Friday for anodized in black.

TSPROF Sharpening has launched its Black Friday for a whole week.

From 23 up to 30 November.1,2

Black Friday

Kits anodized in black:

TSPROF Sharpener K03

Standard Black K03

Get a professional gift kit       Профиль К03 максимальный

Gift Kit Black                                         Gift Kit Black K03  

It is hardly not to share this profitable offer with a friend. So specially for those ones who constantly help his friends we have prepared one more proposal! Simply advise a promocode when ordering «BLACK 10» and get 10% off for any clamps. 3

1. Free shipping is applied for North America and Europe.
2. Shipping fee to other destinations (for example Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc) is declined up to $50.
3. Clamp discount is provided only for out of kit clamps.