K02 model has an automatic 180° rotation unit with rigidity adjustment and also a universal installation unit for standard clamps and clamps with reduced sharpening angle of 16 and 32 mm. K02 model contains built-in area for electronic protractor.

Approximate delivery time depends on your location but usually it takes 2 weeks. Also be aware that orders are in process of production and packaging during 5 business days. In case of force-majeurs we get in touch with a client and advise him new terms of delivery. Once order is shipped in some time customers are provided with its tracking number by mail. To get more detailed information contact our managers.

This is quite possible but for doing this it's necessary to purchase special equipment called "Attachment for sharpening scissors and straight knives".

Length of a blade does not make big sense. You're able to clamp any. Blades up to 20 cm. are sharpened with a single clamp using but blades over 20 cm. with two clamps. For long blades, we'd recommend to order double clamp. Small folding knives are perfectly sharpened, clamping them just in one point.