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Conical double clamp


A cone pair with a screw drive multiplies the compression of the jaws many times, reducing the load on the screw. Force compression is done manually with the help of light rotation of the side handle, excluding the use of additional tool keys.
The conical clamp increases the symmetry of compression due to the distribution of equal elastic loads on the power springs. Cones are made of alloy steel with subsequent heat treatment hardness 47..52 HRC, which will ensure the durability of this unit.
The clamping jaws are made of 65G sprung-spring steel, followed by heat treatment, 30..35 HRC
- Number of clamping sponges: 2 pcs.
- Clamping sponge width: 16 mm.
- Minimal distance between the sponges: 20 mm,
- Maximal: 170 mm. 

The double clamp is recommended to be used for knives with width of 1 to 3.5 mm. , the length is up to 300-350 mm