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K02 Filet Double Clamp


Special pliers for narrow netting knives with reduced grinding angle. The thin jaws of the clamp are made from spring steel which provides sufficient clamping force. The clamp with the modified configuration of the jaws and the application of the special screws have minimum final sharpening angles of 6.5 g. for each side. It is not recommended to use knives with a thickness of more than 2.5 mm. to avoid damage to sponges.
Recommended knife length for pliers: 30-300 mm. The minimum width of the knife is 10 mm, the thickness of the spine is 2.5 mm, the range of angles is 6.5 to 32 degrees (the range wide knife may be different).
Suitable for K-01. Sponges, screws and flat springs can be purchased separately.