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Professional wrench kit


Professional set of wrenches for TSPROF Sharpener, ideal for all types of clamps,as well as to configure the hinge unit, flipping mechanism and the adjusting the pad under the digital protractor.

Wrenches are made from high aloy steel and heat treating and grinding the working surfaces, which guarantees high precision, durability and resistance to break.

Due to the presence of ergonomic ribbed handle keys are easy to use, the main handle provides a secure hold of the tool and high torque, and the additional (upper) handle designed for rapid rotation.

The keys are equipped with a compartment to store spare screws and others.

The set comes with 4 HEX key sizes:

  • 1,5 mm
  • 2,0 mm
  • 2,5 mm
  • 3,0 mm
  • Handle diameter: 18mm

    Total length (adjustable): 100 to 195 mm

    Handle length: 90 mm