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When work is a pleasure.

Base K-01 model of 260 USD

We constantly monitor customer feedback about our product, we try to improve and to correct deficiencies.
 K-01 is the first product in the series, but despite this, we are constantly improving the profile.

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Removable clamp
blade clamp

By creating the first model K-01, we have set ourselves a task that at first glance seemed impossible: to bring the product on the world market and achieve quality, which are famous for Russian arms. We have worked every element grinding system, have taken into account all the disadvantages of imported counterparts, thought out price policy so that the K-01 was available to most consumers. The result is a versatile model that is capable of at the minimum skills and effort to sharpen your knife, razor, an ax or any other cutting tool to an ideal condition. Geographic map of the product spread from Asia to America.

A solution to any task

Today, grinding systems are very widely used - from restaurants to barbershops.
Our asharpeners are needed, where constant sharpness of the blade is required.

Removable blade
clamp mechanism

The main feature of K-01 is the detachable blade clamp mechanism.f you have any urgent matter to attend to during the process of grinding the mechanism can be removed along without disturbing the sharpening angle, to protect your family members from accidents.

Case with the main units of K-01

1) Case, hinge joint, parking device, 2) Сlamp, 3) Packege with spare parts , 4) Wrenches 3 PC., 5) User Manual,
6) Abrasive stone holder. Clamps not included

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